I Wanted You To Feel The Same. 


Always A Thief Of Time.


And then remember the sun’s glorious fiery glow that peaked from the pale blue of the summer sky each morning as we emerged from our beds to go to work. Keep your soul young.
Maybe I wasn’t your kind of person. You belonged to another order entirely. We never spoke again, but sometimes you came around during my quiet hours.

Even though I could still see the mountains in front of me, it was as if I could see them through someone else’s eyes. All the cities and towns have disappeared, and only that great cavern that was once a river still remains. 

Always a thief of time.
Glowing towards the sky, the meadows caught fire. Endless and vast, with depths yet to be explored.

When we looked at one another, we wondered if we could ever change the restless way we had been living. Your presence left me consumed with nostalgia. Her laugh, the most perfect sound in the universe.  

When the winds blow the grass cracks.
The bones shake, they think not of them.
When the heart beats in the chest the blood has gone cold.