Hej, I’m Lela Amparo 👋️

Generative artist and ambient noise maker based in Gothenburg, Sweden



BikiniWax Records︎︎︎

The Crown Estate / Ninu Nina / Drifting, Almost Falling / Stereofox / Independent Music Reviews / Tome To The Weather Machine /Alex Lustig Therapy Sounds / She Shreds Magazine / Various Small Flames / Freq / Objects and Sounds

born: 1988

“Represented by the talent agency MTArt, multidisciplinary visual artist Lela Amparo uses machine learning (GAN) to create visual imagery that showcases an otherworldly atmosphere. Each of her creations is based off of photography data sets she has curated from her travels from over the years.  With over 11 million streams, Amparo is also an ambient music producer who merges her music and art to make a multi-sensory experience for the end viewer.  Amparo specialises and takes great pleasure in transporting the viewer and listener to a different dimension.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and now residing in Gothenburg, Sweden – Amparo draws her inspiration from the great outdoors. Often escaping to remote destinations, she incorporates her admiration for nature in every piece she creates.”
Tuesday Oct 5 2021