Your presence left me consumed with nostalgia. It’s all a curse.

 And then remember the sun’s glorious fiery glow that peaked from the pale blue of the summer sky each morning as we emerged from our beds to go to work. Keep your soul young. 
Even though I could still see the mountains in front of me, it was as if I could see them through someone else’s eyes. It was as if I was blind. It was as if time had ceased and the world was as fresh as it was on the first day of spring.

Always a thief of time. 
Glowing towards the sky, the meadows caught fire.
I am standing on the mountain. You are here with me, on my side. You look so beautiful. Did I tell you that already?
Do you remember the feeling of the wind? Is it holding you up? All the scenery around him was hazy. Of these modern monuments and machines have sunk into the soil like so many seeds blown by the wind.